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Referral Program

Make up to $750 via the Juicebox referral program.

Last Updated: March 15th, 2024

  • The program is open to all current Juicebox customers and their employees.

How can I refer someone?

  • You can refer new businesses to Juicebox using your unique referral link or by emailing the prospective referral's contact details to

  • Ensure the referral is made before the new customer signs up with Juicebox.

What is the reward?

  • Rewards vary based on the subscription plan of the referred customer:

    • $150 for referring a customer who subscribes to the Starter plan.

    • $200 for referring a customer who subscribes to the Growth plan.

    • $750 for referring a customer who subscribes to the Business plan.

  • The reward will be issued as a monetary payment via PayPal or as an Amazon gift card. Payment may be facilitated by our partner, Rewardful.

How many customers can I refer?

  • You can refer as many new customers as you like.

  • Rewards are for new Juicebox customers only. Referring past customers or those inactive for less than 12 months does not qualify.

  • Juicebox reserves the right to revoke rewards if any fraudulent activity is detected.

What are my responsibilities as a referrer?

  • Ensure that your referrals are aware they are being referred and have agreed to share their contact details.

  • Refrain from any spamming or unsolicited communication practices.

Can the program change?

  • Juicebox may adjust or terminate the program without notice.

  • Earned rewards will be honored if the referral met the conditions before any program changes.

How can I get more information?

Legal terms

Juicebox reserves the right to withhold or cancel referral payments if there is any suspicion of fraudulent or abusive behavior. This includes, but is not limited to, instances where referrals are made solely to collect payments with no genuine intent to maintain business, or where a pattern of cancellations is detected following referral rewards.