Mar 15, 2024

The Power Of AI And Automation In The Hiring Process

The Power Of AI And Automation In The Hiring Process

Bruno Boksic

Did you know that 74% of companies underperform on recruiting best practices? It’s no wonder that CEOs believe recruiting, along with emails and meetings, is one of the most inefficient business practices today. So how did we get there and what can we do about it? 

The short answer? Using AI and technology. 

The long answer? Let’s continue with the article. 

The state of the industry: AI as a disruptor

Let’s go over a classical recruiting process from start to finish to see how a typical enterprise operates:

  • Analyze the workplace and projects and realize that you need more people and skills to accomplish your business goals and objectives successfully. 

  • Decide what exact skills and roles you need to fill, and how many people you need to hire

  • Write a detailed job description and a job advertising

  • Market the job ad to find/source candidates

  • Collect applications and communicate with candidates during the hiring process

  • Shortlist candidates who have the required knowledge, skills, and experience. 

  • Decide which candidates you will hire (if any)

  • Go through multiple rounds of contract negotiations with the candidate and, hopefully, hire the person

  • Ensure that the onboarding process goes smoothly and that the newly hired person acclimates to the company. 

This entire process takes a long time to complete and it’s often filled with problems such as not finding the right candidate or even hiring the person. Even when you think you found the right candidate, you’re in for a surprise. 

According to the 2022 Job Seeker Nation Report, 30% of employees leave during the first 90 days on the job. So you’ll have to repeat this (long) process once for every three times you do it. 

So how can we fix this process? With AI, automation, and technology. With those three, you can empower recruiters to create a better and more efficient process. 

How to empower recruiters with automation and AI

We explained the recruiting process in the section above. Thirty years ago, recruiters and hiring managers had to do all of this manually. However, that’s no longer the case. 

With AI and automation, recruiters can automate many of the mundane and administrative tasks to AI and focus on things that matter in the hiring process— the people. 

Today, recruiters use AI to help with many recruitment processes. 

Before you had to sit down and write a perfect job description that would ensure candidates understand what the job is about, what are the perks, and what would a day in the company look like. It was a difficult task to do, especially starting from scratch. Today, you can simply use Textio. It guides you through the process and ensures that your job description is highly optimized for your target audience. 

Sourcing candidates was always a difficult task. You needed to find plenty of candidates whose resumes would match the skills you’re looking for. Today, that process is drastically easier with Juicebox, which enables you to find that always elusive perfect candidate. 

The old resume review stat was daunting—the average CV was only looked at for 6 seconds. The hiring managers had to check every CV manually. Today, you can use Endorsed to review hundreds of resumes automatically. 

Communicating with dozens of candidates during the hiring process was a difficult task that required plenty of coordination. Today, you can automate the process by using Paradox and communicate with your candidates effortlessly. 

There are many other tools that help with the hiring process: 

  • For pre-employment assessments, you can use TestGorilla

  • For recruiting CRM, you can use HireSweet

  • For video interviewing candidates, you can use Spark Hire

  • And for onboarding the hired person, you can use HiBob.

All of these tools will enable you to automate tasks, save time (and money), and achieve better hiring results. The market will continue to change, with new tools popping up and old tools improving; and they will continue to change the way hiring is done. The tools we mentioned are by no means an exhaustive list of tech stacks that change hiring, but it’s a small step in the right direction. 

Use AI to scale and automate your hiring tasks

If you don’t use AI in your recruitment process, you’re still not late; you can make a real difference in your process if you start today. And Juicebox can help you with that. With our PeopleGPT 2.0 AI search engine, we can help you discover, research, and recruit the best and the brightest.