Apr 17, 2024

Top 10 AI recruiting tools 2024

Top 10 AI recruiting tools 2024

Oliver Keell

If you’ve not lived under a rock for the past couple of years, you’ll know that the AI revolution is well and truly underway. It has already disrupted the workforce with one-third (37%) of business leaders saying Artificial Intelligence replaced workers in 2023. 

The recruitment industry has been next on the chopping block. However, in the recruitment game, Artificial Intelligence will empower you, not replace you. 

The faster you can master and implement AI in your recruiting process, the better equipped you’ll be to beat the competition and win in a saturated market.

From providing you with better intelligence on candidates to automating mundane tasks and boosting your productivity, AI in recruitment is a game changer that you certainly want on your side.

So, here are the top 10 AI recruiting tools of 2024. 

1. Juicebox (PeopleGPT)

Juicebox is an AI-powered recruitment search engine that uses advanced AI and natural language to find specific candidates within a sea of 800 million+ profiles on the web. 

The talent intelligence platform allows you to search candidates to a tee and analyzes professional profiles, technical websites, published papers, and more in real time–all without needing to create a Boolean search. 

Simply tell the AI what you’re looking for and it will come up with a shortlist of exact candidates within seconds.

Juicebox also gives you access to the candidate’s contact details and integrates with your email to instantly reach out to them. 

You can also benefit by having personalized AI email templates to personalize your candidate outreach copy at scale.

In addition to its custom candidate search and engagement functions, you can also parse a job description in any of the popular formats directly into the search bar and PeopleGPT will then configure a search query for you using your job description. 

2. Paradox

Paradox is an AI candidate screening software that comes with a bunch of features designed to automate the top-of-the-funnel stage when recruiting candidates.

The platform has a conversational recruitment chatbot, Olivia, who screens candidates in an autonomous one-on-one video interview to see if they qualify for the second stage where they are then booked in for a face-to-face with you, the recruiter. 

Simply give Olivia a series of prerequisites for what you’re looking for and she will compile a list of relevant questions to ask candidates during her initial screening of them. If they answer all the questions correctly, she will automatically book a free time slot in your calendar for stage two.

She also summarizes key points from the interview and prepares notes for you to ask in the 2nd stage.

3. Endorsed.ai

Endorsed.ai is a popular software that gives your ATS superpowers by adding artificial intelligence to it to help you review and find perfect matches faster.

Simply parse a job description and It will rank all the top candidates in your ATS based on how well they fare against the JD. 

Its smart assistant will also scour resumes to create assessments and highlight candidates’ best qualities and attributes, giving you instant summaries.

In addition, Endorsed also has an AI-Generated Job Summaries feature that explains why a job is a good fit for a talent to apply.

4.  Skillate

Skillate is an advanced decision-making engine that provides talent teams with intelligent hiring. 

The platform uses advanced AI to parse resumes, bulk redact names on resumes, and automatically match you with candidates in your internal database.

You also get access to an AI job description generator that provides real-time feedback to recruiters on the quality of their job descriptions.

The platform also uses an AI scoring system to rank profiles in your internal database against a job and can process resumes in multiple file types to be reformatted in one click.

Skillate also provides in-depth analysis and statistics in your hiring process and gives feedback accordingly.

5. Vervoe

Vervoe is a skills assessment platform for hiring teams to test candidates on a variety of job-specific skills.

The library has hundreds of scientifically mapped skills assessments for a variety of job roles and industries such as Software Development, Business Development, Cybersecurity, DevOps, Product Management, and more.

If you’re unsatisfied with any of the assessments, you can generate your own using their powerful AI skill assessment builder.

The platform also includes The How Model, which tracks and analyses the way a candidate interacts with your assessment.

This model assesses interactions such as: How long do they take to complete the assessment? Do they scroll back to a previous question? Do they consistently type or are there long pauses? Do they click away and come back?

And grades how a candidate performs tasks just like an invigilator during an exam.

6.  Sapia

Sapia uses AI to screen candidates to predict how they’ll perform at their jobs. It uses psychology to asses behavioral patterns in the interview and determines whether they’ll be a good fit for a job.  

The platform self-proclaims to aim to replace you as a recruiter and do your interviewing and assessing for you.

You decide the types of traits and people you’re looking for, and it will construct a five-question interview with candidates to determine soft skills, behavior traits, and overall cognitive ability.

It will then write up an analysis for you with personalized insights for each candidate. 

Just add the unique link to your job description and candidates will click it and start an automated interview process, saving you hours of work. 

7. Textio

Textio is a platform that helps businesses improve the quality of their recruitment content and works to eliminate biases in job descriptions, emails, and employer blog posts.

It utilizes editing, scoring, and analytics tools to ensure your writing is clear and avoids unintentional bias. 

As you type, your Textio Score predicts how diverse your pipeline will be. It offers instant suggestions to show you what to change to draw in applicants from various backgrounds. 

You can also benefit from an extensive library of optimized job posts and templates for you to copy, paste, and edit. 

The platform also helps you write constructive and personal rejection emails to candidates, giving them actionable feedback that will help them grow.

8. Cinch

Clinch is a recruitment marketing suite designed to help recruitment agencies and in-house teams create websites and career pages that attract top candidates.

The platform offers an easy-to-use no-code web builder and self-service CMS that enables you to build landing pages and career pages for your recruitment website. The career page also connects directly to your ATS. 

There’s also a great SEO focus to help rank your website and blogs on search engines and allow you to capture visitor interest with custom CTA buttons. 

Cinch also has an all-encompassing email marketing feature that lets you send aesthetically pleasing emails to prospective clients and candidates with custom HTML code. 

9. Taplio

Taplio is an AI marketing tool that focuses on helping users build a personal brand on LinkedIn. 

The platform leverages AI to create content and get more reach, engagement, and followers on your LinkedIn profile in just ‘10 minutes per day’.

Taplio’s AI helps you generate personalized posts that fit your brand and target audience and gives you access to over 5 million posts on LinkedIn for you to draw inspiration from and get personalized content recommendations. 

There’s also an analysis feature that helps you track which posts are doing well and how you fare against your competitors.  

In addition, you can also schedule your posts in your content calendar and instantly create LinkedIn carousels on any topic with one click. 

10. Closely

Closely is an automation tool that helps you automate sending messages and liking posts on candidates' and prospects’ profiles on LinkedIn.

Log into your LinkedIn via the Closely platform and head to a page of potential clients or candidates via Recruiter or Sales Navigator and the system will scrape the page and add all the profiles to a campaign where it will mirror human activity to perform tasks like sending connection requests, messages, company follow invites, and likes on posts.

It also has a built-in email scraper tool that finds the contact details on a profile page and enables you to download a CSV to later upload in your CRM.

These tools represent just a glimpse into the future of recruitment. 

AI, if not already, has transformed the way we find, attract, and retain top talent–so embrace the AI revolution and use technology to help you find the best candidates, improve your brand, save hours of work, and beat doing mundane, repetitive tasks. 

And always keep in mind: while these tools are extremely powerful, they should always be an arm to your recruitment operations and not replace your human judgment completely.