Feb 12, 2024

7 New Features in 1 Month

7 New Features in 1 Month

David Paffenholz

This month, the team focused on launching features to make your workflow more powerful. Try them out today!

Profile Statuses

Select a status for each profile, such as “Email Sent” or “Interviewing”, and customize the statuses to fit your use case. Selecting statuses allows for powerful filters across your projects — for more details, dive in here.

Hiding Profiles

Want to hide a profile from future search results? Use the new hide profile feature. Hiding profiles ensures they won’t be shown on any search within the same project, while still allowing you to unhide profiles if necessary. More here.

Activity History

Working with a team, or doing frequent searches? The all-new activity history view shows previous views, notes, shortlists, exports, and emails, in one consolidated view.


Add notes to each candidate, shared across your team. You can access the notes via the profile activities tab in each profile, edit, and delete them.

Updated Shortlisted Contacts Page

Use filters, such as filtering by status or owner, to narrow down your shortlist. Or sort profiles by date added or outreach status. And in case you need to dive deeper, use the search bar to search through all shortlisted profile data, including their name, skills, jobs, and more. Details here.

Search Improvements

Introducing an all-new average tenure filter, helping you focus on candidates with long or stable tenures. Also included in this update is the ability to search for recently held job titles, and language proficiency filters. Try them out in the “Edit Filters” tab!

More credits for the Professional Plan

Now including 150 contact credits per month. Already a subscriber? Your credits will automatically update.

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