Oct 22, 2023

New Brand, ATS Integrations, Enhanced Projects & Search Fields

New Brand, ATS Integrations, Enhanced Projects & Search Fields

By David Paffenholz

Today we’re announcing a series of new features in PeopleGPT, the AI-powered people search engine:

New Brand & Website

Introducing our all-new website, logo, and design theme — visit Juicebox.work to explore for yourself! We’re grateful to the design team at Pixel-1 for their work on the website and logo.

Two-Way ATS Integrations

ATS integrations now include live two-way data syncs: not only can you export profiles to your ATS, but also identify profiles that already are in your ATS. Interested in activating live two-way ATS integrations for your team? Reach out to your Juicebox account manager.

New Search Fields

Dozens of new search combinations are now possible on Juicebox. Sign into your account to explore: AI search within company/industry fields, filter by available contact information, excluding fields, job title levels, job title roles, and more.

Enhanced Projects

Collaborating with a larger team? Use Juicebox’s enhanced projects to collaborate on different searches, review shortlisted profiles, and distribute outreach across the team. Add additional reporting available to account administrators.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback. And we’re preparing for our biggest announcement yet, soon!

Interested in speaking with sales? Contact sales@juicebox.work

Feedback, questions, or interested in being a part of our journey? Reach out to david@juicebox.work

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