Feb 26, 2024

Introducing Talent Insights

Introducing Talent Insights

David Paffenholz

An all-new feature for PeopleGPT: Talent Insights. Analyze your search pool, dive deeper into talent clusters, and adjust your search based on comprehensive data.

Smart Searches are built on Insights

Who are you missing in your talent pool? Where are skills concentrated, and what experiences are hard to find? Insights answers these questions — and many more — with data-driven analytics on your search setup.

Uncover Hidden Talent Pools

As you analyze insights, you may uncover high-potential talent pools. Click on the charts to instantly view the profiles behind the statistics and shortlist promising profiles.

Employment Patterns

Talent tends to cluster around specific companies, roles, and skills. Identify these trends in your specific context using our employer and job title data.

Company-level Intelligence

What is the breakdown of departments and seniority levels at competing firms? Which firms do they tend to recruit from? Conduct an insights search for your preferred pool of firms, locations, job titles, and more to get custom data and breakdowns.

Education Deep-Dive

Determine the prevalence of different degrees and the most common majors in your candidate pool. How do education requirements shape the composition of a search?

Getting Started

Explore dozens of data points, charts, and takeaways by opening insights for your search. To get started, simply run a search query and select the “Insights” slider at the top of your screen.

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