Jun 17, 2024

Introducing Email Sequencing

Introducing Email Sequencing

David Paffenholz

Maximizing response rates is top of mind for Juicebox users. Today, we’re introducing multi-step email sequencing to increase candidate engagement.

AI Personalization in your Sequence

Traditionally, email sequences relied upon variables for personalization — fields like first name, last name, or current company. Juicebox goes one step further, with Smart Commands built into emails.

Instruct the AI to mention relevant candidate skills, work experience, or write your own command. They will automatically be personalized to each of your recipients. Read more here.

Multi-Step Sequencing

Including follow-ups yields drastic improvements in response rate. Share more about your company, the opportunity, and highlight the candidate’s relevant experiences. 

You can select your preferred follow-up timeline and personalize your follow-up messaging with variables and AI. For example, follow up 2 days after the initial email describing the career growth associated with the opportunity you’re offering.

Bulk-add Profiles to a Sequence

Found 30 potential candidates who could be a great fit? Add them to your sequence in bulk. Within a few seconds, Juicebox will:

  • Personalize messaging for each candidate based on the Smart AI Command

  • Pull contact details (personal email addresses)

  • Verify contact information, as per our 95% deliverability guarantee

  • Allow to you preview and edit all emails

With the click of a button, emails are sent to your candidates — including follow-ups as per your schedule. More details here.

Track Response Rates and Run A/B Tests

Email campaigns yield significant amounts of data. Review stats across campaigns, compare response rates, and optimize your outreach text.

Juicebox provides you breakdowns on a per-sequence basis (across projects), allowing you to continuously improve your email steps.

Try out these updates on Juicebox — live now.

We’d also be glad to discuss further on a call. Please feel free to reach out to sales@juicebox.work or book a demo here: https://juicebox.ai/demo