Jul 9, 2024

Introducing Batch Evaluations (Beta)

Introducing Batch Evaluations (Beta)

David Paffenholz

Assessing and ranking profiles at scale has never been easier. Today, we’re launching Batch Evaluations, a unique way to identify best-fit matches.

Assess candidates in bulk

Traditionally, searches involve manually evaluating each candidate profile to assess if they meet key hiring criteria.

Batch Evaluations are designed to automate this process.

  1. Set up a regular search to narrow down your talent pool, e.g. SWE in SF with Series B startup experience.

  2. Define custom criteria for your batch evaluation, such as “Experience with Text to Speech ML models”

  3. Run batch evaluations to assess up to 750 profiles against all criteria.

  4. Receive a match rating for each candidate, including a criteria-level assessment.

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Understand why profiles match a criteria

Click on any candidate profile to receive a detailed summary of how well they meet your requirements. For example, while John's profile indicates experience in leading cross functional teams and familiarity with Agile methods, he didn't mention software development in his profile.

Configure your own Batch Evaluation

Creating a Batch Evaluation on Juicebox is simple. Start by running a search on PeopleGPT as usual. Once you have a refined talent pool, click the “Run Batch Evaluations” button. This opens the next step, where you can configure your individual evaluation.

Looking for technical project managers with experience transitioning from software engineering to project management roles, or those who have led cross-functional teams? No problem. Juicebox automatically generates five criteria based on your search, which you can adjust using natural language – no need for Boolean strings.

Opt into the batch evaluations beta on Juicebox – live now.