Aug 20, 2023

Light Mode, Live Email Verification and Search by Job Description

Light Mode, Live Email Verification and Search by Job Description

By David Paffenholz

We’re excited to launch a series of new features across the platform.

Design Revamp: Light Mode

After countless user requests, we’re excited to share that light mode is now live — and the default for all accounts. Personalizing your Juicebox account is simple; just head to the profile menu and select your preferred mode, light or dark.

Live Email Verification

Emails identified on Juicebox now go through an additional real-time email verification. Look for a purple shield icon next to an email address to know it's been verified. We are also pleased to share that all emails verified on Juicebox are covered by our 95% deliverability assurance.

Read more about email verification and the 95% deliverability assurance here

Search by Job Description (Beta)

Have a job description on hand? Instead of writing a custom prompt, you can upload your job description (PDF, Word, and more) — or just paste it in. PeopleGPT will put together a custom search for the role. You can then refine it further using our natural language search features. 

Note: this is a beta release. Improvements will be continuously rolled out.

Save Company Presets

Use PeopleGPT to build a list of 1,000 companies and save it as a preset. This way, you can easily access your preferred target companies for any future search. Hundreds of recruiters are already saving their preferred lists for sector Hedge Funds, Cybersecurity companies, Shipbuilding, and more.

Stay tuned...

...for many more updates to be released in the coming weeks, ranging from a new version of Search by Job Description to exclusive new search features (among many more!)

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