Mar 25, 2024

Funding, Revenue, and Investor Data

Funding, Revenue, and Investor Data

David Paffenholz

More data enables more powerful searches. Today, we’re adding company funding, investor, and revenue data to PeopleGPT.

Find Talent by Funding Stage

Are you looking for talent with experience scaling a company from Series A to Series C? Now, you can filter by any funding stage — including current and historic funding rounds. PeopleGPT identifies when a candidate was at a particular company based on the time they worked there. For example, someone working at Facebook in late 2005 would be tagged as having Series A -stage experience (Facebook raised it's Series A in May 2005, followed by a Series B in April 2006).

Sourcing by Revenue Range

Looking for a VP of Finance who has experience at PE-backed businesses with $100-250M in revenue? Set up nested searches in just one prompt — and add in industry or company size data to narrow the search even further.

Identify Talent Pools by Investor

Prompt PeopleGPT: show me talent that previously worked at Sequoia-backed Series B companies. What companies are they working at now? Use our Insights tab in combination with funding filters for detailed talent tracking.

Find Profiles at Specific Companies by Funding Stage

Want to see all engineers who were at Facebook at Series A stage? Or engineers at Uber at Series B? Configure historic searches that combine the specific time an individual worked at a company with the company’s applicable funding stage.

Are you an executive recruiter, startup recruiter, or VC talent team? Then this new capability may be particularly relevant to you.

You can try these features live, now on PeopleGPT.

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