Sep 10, 2023

AI Skills Map, Technical Profiles, Outlook Integration, and more.

AI Skills Map, Technical Profiles, Outlook Integration, and more.

By David Paffenholz

We’re excited to share a series of new features on PeopleGPT, the AI-powered people search engine:

AI Skills Map

PeopleGPT combines skills from dozens of sources, including projects worked on, AI inference, social profiles, and self-indicated skills, creating comprehensive skills maps not accessible on any other platform. In addition, skills are automatically categorized to allow for easy analysis and depth.

Technical Profiles

Hiring for a technical role? Use PeopleGPT’s technical profiles to dive deeper than ever before. For example: Discover profiles who used Haskell in a recent Github project, or are experts in PyTorch based on their Stack Overflow. With PeopleGPT’s latest update, you can view Github repositories, commit history, and projects, as well as Stack Overflow reputation and interests — right within the users’ profile.

Research Profiles

Find a profile who “Published a paper on LLMs”, “attended a conference on marine engineering”, or “published an article about omnichannel sales”. All provide crucial insights into a profile’s experience and expertise, and are now available on PeopleGPT. Find profiles across hundreds of thousands of publications, papers, and sources, and uncover new AI-based search strategies.

Outlook Integration

After securely connecting thousands of users via our Gmail integration, we’re excited to launch our Outlook integration. Open “Email Outreach” and use the “Connect Email” button to connect your preferred email address. Recipients receive emails from your domain, maximizing your response rates.

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