July 29, 2023

Improved Profile Data, Spotlight Feature, Contacts Page and more!

Improved Profile Data, Spotlight Feature, Contacts Page and more!

By David Paffenholz

Thank you for using PeopleGPT. Our team has been hard at work on features to help you discover the best talent for your teams.

Today, we're excited to launch new updates:

AI Profile Spotlight

We’re introducing our profile spotlight feature. When you click on a profile found in your search, PeopleGPT will provide a custom description of the profile.

By providing specific references to their experiences, skills, and backgrounds — and how they relate to your search — you can accurately determine whether the candidate is a fit for the role.

Contacts Page & Shortlisting

Our new contacts page serves as an overview of all the contacts that you have sourced. And it gets even more powerful when used with the shortlisting feature, helping you build custom lists for each project.

We’ll track whether you have drafted or sent a response to these contacts, as well as allowing you to shortlist your top profiles and access them through a separate list. This page can also organize your contacts by which specific search you sourced them from.

Read more about shortlisting and the contacts page here.

Team Plan

We’re launching an all-new tier designed for teams to optimize their sourcing. 

You’ll have access to everything from the professional plan, as well as: 3 seats, team collaboration features, 450 credits/month (including phone numbers), up to 250 profiles per search, and 5 active projects.

If you're interested in our Team or Enterprise plans, you can upgrade directly within PeopleGPT, or reach out to our sales team at sales@juicebox.work

Thank you!

Thank you for your continued support of Juicebox. Human capital is at the core of every business, and we’re on a one-way mission to help you optimize your team.

As always — if you have questions, are interested in joining our team, or just want to speak, please reach out to david@juicebox.work

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