Jan 2, 2024

Radius Search, PDF Exports, and Enterprise Trials

Radius Search, PDF Exports, and Enterprise Trials

David Paffenholz

Happy New Year! We’ve been busy, even during the holidays: today we’re launching multiple new features, as well as an all-new free Enterprise Trial.

Radius Search

We’ve released a series of improvements to our location-based search: you can search by city, metro, region, country, continent, and more — now including your radius preference around each. Select between specific locations or radii between 15 and 200 miles.

PDF Exports

Want to share profile details beyond the AI-generated profile summaries? Use the PDF export to download a copy of a candidate profile, including data from 30+ data sources. Tip: combine your PDF exports with a 4-bullet point summary for maximum flexibility.

Enterprise Trial Revamp

Interested in having your team trial PeopleGPT 2.0? We have open trial slots as early as mid-January. The revamped trial includes up to 5 participants, full access to the enterprise platform, and a dedicated onboarding session. Interested? Find out more here.

Pinned Skills

Have multiple must-have skill requirements for your role? You can now choose between two options: add all as skills, and have AI rank candidates for you. Or pin multiple skills, making them must-haves for your role.

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