May 13, 2024

Power Filters, Enhanced Integrations, and Upgraded Funding Data

Power Filters, Enhanced Integrations, and Upgraded Funding Data

David Paffenholz

Many searches run on power filters. Today, we’re launching a series of new search fields in PeopleGPT.

Power Filters

Sometimes prompting isn’t the easiest way to find who you’re searching for. We’re introducing power filters to simplify your searches, launching with:

  • Career Progression: Promoted, Series of Promotions

  • Work Experience: VC-backed Founder, VP+ at PE-backed company

  • Diversity: Underrepresented Groups

  • Achievements: D1 Athlete, Rhodes Scholar, Exceptional Ability Visa

Our power filters are constantly being expanded. Do you have a request? Submit it here for it to be reviewed by the Juicebox team.

Advanced ATS/CRM Integrations

Integrations make workflows faster. Juicebox now supports three integration capabilities:

  1. Start a Project from a Job: You can import a job from your ATS into Juicebox and automatically kick off a search using the JD.

  2. Export: save profiles directly into your ATS, including contact details, experience, résumés, and more. Customizable based on your preferred fields.

  3. Import: view profiles already in your ATS within Juicebox. Avoid reaching out to the same profile twice, and instantly view your relationship history.

Read more here.

Integrations are now available as an add-on to the Growth plan. Interested in activating an integration? Contact your Juicebox account manager (or reach out to

Enhanced Funding Data

Funding data has undergone a significant data upgrade, now including comprehensive data on 200,000+ companies globally. 

Use cases from the past weeks that have stood out to us include:

  • Founding Engineer searches based on Seed / Series A founders

  • Talent Insights on growth-stage companies (Series C+)

  • CFOs of PE-backed companies

Try out these updates on Juicebox — live now.

We’d also be glad to discuss further on a call. Please feel free to reach out to or book a demo here:

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